Pet-friendly weed control

Professional Weed Control and Fertilization Services in Moore, OK

Dawson's Lawn Care LLC helps ensure you have a beautiful lawn with trusted weed control and fertilization services.

Let us help control unsightly weeds and keep your lawn green.

An integral part of your lawn maintenance is weed control and lawn fertilization. As part of our lawn care services, Dawson's Lawn Care LLC can help with this.

We provide trusted, pet-safe weed control services and lawn fertilization to help provide you with a beautiful, healthy lawn. We use a one-of-a-kind dye that looks natural on your lawn, and it is applied by trained professionals that ensure it won't look messy all over your concrete, fence, etc.

They have been wonderful!

"I've been with Dawson's since 2016, and they've always taken great care of my lawn. They are dependable, courteous, and very communicative. They always show up like clockwork without me having to lift a finger, and I never have to worry about my lawn becoming unruly or looking unkept. Couldn't be happier with the service I've received over the years. Thanks so much!"

Melaina M. via Facebook

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Pre-emergent is applied to control crabgrass and eliminate active weeds.


Early Spring

Post-emergent is applied to control clovers, chickweeds, broadleaf weeds, and other active weeds.


Late Spring

Fertilizer to develop roots and generate Spring green-up with a high nitrogen fertilizer.


Early Summer

A slow-release, high nitrogen fertilizer plus spot treatment for any weeds.



A slow-release, high nitrogen fertilizer for a green, healthy lawn. Spray for summer weeds: stickers, crabgrass, dallisgrass, goosegrass, etc.



Low nitrogen, balanced released fertilizer to prepare for winter and keep a thick and green lawn throughout the rest of the growing season.


Early Fall Pre-Post Emergent

We apply a pre-post emergent to ensure your lawn is equipped for the winter as the temperature changes and to promote no new weed growth.


Late Fall Final Application

To address cool-season weeds. This pre-post emergent will assure winter weeds resist germination through the cold season.

Choose a program that works for you and your lawn:

Full Program

Eight total applications (includes weed control and fertilization)

Half Program

Four total applications (includes only weed control and no fertilization)

They are detail oriented

"I've been using Dawson's Lawn Care for years and will always recommend them to anyone looking for lawn services. They are detail oriented, fast and reliable and have great customer service."

Malika W. via Facebook

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Let us help with this integral part of your lawn care maintenance.

Schedule your weed control and fertilization services and have peace of mind that your lawn will be in its best shape all season long!